Bitomat's Popularity Grows. Where Can You Find Them?

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The overall number of Bitcoin ATMs located around the world has reached a new record of 6,000. The majority of the devices, however, is in the United States.

According to the data posted on CoinATMRadar, the number of bitomats installed worldwide equals 6 003. What is interesting is the fact, that more than half of them is located in the USA, because as many as 3,924 BTC ATMs while in Canada there are only 653, in Great Britain 272, and in Australia 189.

The data show that 75% of bitomats can be found in North America, about 20% in Europe and only 2% in Asia. As many as 108 devices of this type have been introduced this month. The data also show that, on average, around 11 new BTC ATMs is installed daily, making the pace of installing them the fastest in comparison with previous years.


Bitcoin is simply convenient

Bitomats are gaining more and more popularity. It is not surprising, though, as they allow you to quickly and easily acquire BTC. For instance, their total number has increased since June by as much as 1,000, which shows us that another milestone has been reached in this industry. While some Bitcoin ATMs only allow the purchase of this leading cryptocurrency, others are already enriched with additional features, thus enabling the sale of BTC for cash.

It is worth noting, that a device of this kind was installed at the Miami airport some time ago. According to the co-founder and chief strategy officer of BTM Bitstop, travelers are eagerly using Bitcoin.

More and more people prefer to travel with Bitcoin instead of cash for convenience and security. Miami International Airport is a perfect place for our customers to conveniently exchange their dollars for Bitcoin and vice versa when traveling domestically or abroad.

On the other hand, not everyone is satisfied with the growing popularity of bitomats. As Bloomerg reports, IRS, the US Federal Agency, has recently focused on potential tax problems related to, among others, Bitcoin ATMs. John Fort, the Criminal Investigation Chief, revealed that his team is currently working with law enforcement agencies in order to oversee illegal activities that may increase together with the progress of technology.

In his opinion, bitomats should be obliged to counteract money laundering (AML) and to comply with KYC policy.