Bitcoin – Price, prognosis, history

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. It’s not surprising – stability and the highest market capitalization have distinguished this virtual currency from other coins from the very beginning. Do you want to check Bitcoin’s current rate? You’re in the right place! On the Tokeneo News website, you can find a BTC chart updated on a current basis.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most popular and trusted virtual currency. It’s unrivalled in terms of market capitalization and, in fact, none of the cryptocurrencies available on the market has threatened its leading position so far. Bitcoin is chosen by novice crypto-investors, who want to take their first steps in the virtual coin industry, and also by experienced stock market players, who - guided by the vision of high returns from their investments - invest their capital "in the world of cryptocurrencies". If you want to be up to date with info about Bitcoin, read Tokeneo News.

Bitcoin's history

Bitcoin was created on the 3rd of January 2009. That’s when the block “zero” in Bitcoin’s blockchain was made. Even today, we don’t know, who exactly created Bitcoin. All we know, is that its creator Is an IT specialist with a very mysterious nickname “Satoshi Nakamoto”. Many theories have emerged throughout the years, trying to decipher his real identity. Among the potential creators of Bitcoin are: Vili Lehdonvirta, Dorian Nakamoto, Craig Wright and Elon Musk, as well as the US government. The first transaction took place on January 12, 2009. It was the Bitcoin transmission between Satoshi Nakamoto and Hal Finney. On the 5th of October 2009, the Bitcoin price was published for the first time. This message will certainly surprise all fans of this cryptocurrency - you could have bought up to 1 309.09 BTC for $1! Thus, Bitcoin went public on the New Liberty Standard exchange.

Bitcoin’s price

The fact, that Bitcoin’s price has changed repeatedly throughout the years should not be surprising. The most important moments in Bitcoin’s price chart surely is the achievement of ATH (All-Time High, the highest price point recorded in history) in December of 2017. However, sharp drops of price in 2018 should also be noted as important. On September 17th of 2017 the price of Bitcoin has reached the spectacular price point of $19,783.21. Unfortunately, this success has not lasted long. At the end of January 2018, the price has dropped to a little over $10,000, and in June it has reached the point of $6,000. Current Bitcoin rate provides info necessary for all cryptocurrency traders. By using Bitcoin's annual, monthly, or daily rating, traders around the world are trying to make the best investment decisions. That's why one of the most popular entries in Google is “Bitcoin price”.

Where and how to buy a Bitcoin? - Price and how to begin?

If you are familiar with the current Bitcoin price and the overall market situation, the time has come to set up the first cryptocurrency wallet. You need the wallet to sell and buy coins. Your funds will be stored in it. Remember to NEVER keep your coins on the cryptocurrency exchange’s account. Due to the possibility of a hacking attack on the stock exchange, a safer solution is to store cryptocurrencies in your own crypto wallet. When you create your first Bitcoin wallet, you'll have to fund it with traditional fiat currency. For this you can use a credit card or bank transfer. It's an easy, fast and safe way to buy Bitcoins. Buying coins becomes a child’s play when you have already created your wallet. Do you want to buy Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency? All you need to do is click "Buy". Do you want to sell Bitcoin? Click "Sell". The next step is to choose the currency in which you want to buy / sell Bitcoin, and to specify a payment method that is convenient for you. If you are considering buying / selling a coin, use the Bitcoin calculator.

Why is it worth to start using Bitcoin?

The first important reason is its privacy and anonymity. The only information about any transactions carried out, which are stored in the Bitcoin network, are addresses of contractors and amounts of money transferred. This information is public and available on the so-called Explorer. Bitcoin’s big advantage is that despite knowing the address, we don’t know the contractor’s real identity. The main factor that influences the loss of anonymity is the withdrawal of funds from the crypto exchange. In order to withdraw the money from the account, a number of identification means are needed (scans of ID or passport). Yet another benefit of having Bitcoins in your wallet is a low transaction fee. Transaction fees offered by Bitcoin are very low, but it’s more profitable to send larger sums of money. All thanks to the mining of cryptocurrency by Bitcoin mining machines. The third reason to buy Bitcoin is express international payment system. Because of its technological conditioning, Bitcoin outperforms most of the traditional transaction systems. With the access to the Internet only, you can make a transfer from any place on earth. The transaction will be very quickly booked on the recipient’s account (wallet).

Bitcoin’s chart - market and prognosis

Bitcoin, the most popular digital currency in the world, often called “digital gold”, is crypto-community favourite coin. In the chart, the red line has been entwining with the green one for weeks. You'll find the Bitcoin's up-to-date chart within the Tokeneo News website. Bitcoin has been present on the stock exchange for a relatively short time. Cryptocurrency was created by a mysterious developer with the nickname "Satoshi Nakamoto" on January 3rd, 2009. The first Bitcoin stock exchange was established the same year. For one dollar, you could have bought a staggering number of 1309.02 BTC. The first Bitcoin transactions took place between its founder - Nakamoto - and Hal Finney. One of the first purchases using this digital currency went down in history. In 2010, a Bitcoin owner decided to spend 10,000 Bitcoins on pizza at the Papa John restaurant in Florida. Given today's coin rate, the pizza lover surely still regrets this decision. For the first time, the Bitcoin chart has changed dramatically in 2010. That's when the price of Bitcoin has risen from $0.0008 to $0.08. At that stage of the digital currency development, not many exchanges supported and listed Bitcoin. The e-currency itself was not yet ready for wide adoption. The fluidity and scalability of the new type of technology still needed work. The situation on the Bitcoin chart had improved in 2013. The e-currency year had begun with a $13,50 price. In April, Bitcoin's price had risen to $70. In October, it had achieved a point of over $1,120. Bitcoin's price had stabilized in the coming months. The real turnaround took place in 2017 when Bitcoin had reached the highest price in history - $20,000. The beginning of 2018, however, had been a series of endless price drops. We can continuously observe Bitcoin's increasingly bold prognosis. One of the most popular cryptocurrency influencers, John McAfee, believes that the price of Bitcoin will amount to $500,000 by 2020. Tom Lee's Bitcoin forecasts are more conservative - the Wall Street analyst believes, that the price will reach $22,000 soon. On the other hand, 2018 showed that some of Bitcoin's price forecasts might be exaggerated. There are dozens of crypto exchanges on the market, where Bitcoin is available. The most popular of these is Coinbase. This Bitcoin exchange was founded in 2012. Currently, it is valued at around $1 billion. The second largest cryptocurrency exchange is Binance. Over $500,000,000 are transferred daily within this crypto exchange. BitMEX is also popular within the cryptocurrency community. The crypto exchange has typical fees ranging from 0.05% to 0.25%. You will find the current Bitcoin chart and the most interesting Bitcoin forecasts on the Tokeneo News website. Check past records and the current BTC rate. See Bitcoin's price. Bitcoin - wykres