Bitcoin To Be Added As a Currency in Microsoft Excel

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Accodring to The British Bitcoin has no Intrinsic Value

Bitcoin increasingly appears in our everyday life, and now a photo suggesting that in the newest version of Microsoft Excel BTC will be available as a currency has appeared.

A step to the mainstream

In recent years, one could wonder what conditions Bitcoin needs to meet in order to start being recognized as mainstream. It gained the support of well-known investors around the world and was the object of speculations of sportsmen, musicians and businessmen. It was also the theme of the John Stalberg Jr.'s movie entitled "Crypto" which featured, among others, Kurt Russell. However, there is a certain symbolism in the fact that Microsoft decided to put Bitcoin in Excel. On Monday, May 27, a screenshot appeared on Twitter and Reddit. It is worth noting that Bitcoin is, for now, the only cryptocurrency that has been added to the spreadsheet. Little is known about this change. We do not know whether Microsoft will include it in the next Office Suite or not. There was also no confirmation of the authenticity of the screenshot above, but no one has suggested that is fake as well.

Microsoft's activities

It is known, though, that the global technology giant has been supporting cryptocurrencies for years. It began to accept cryptocurrency payments as far back as in 2014. It was one of the first cases on such a large scale. A few years later, Microsoft presented its strategy to enter the blockchain market. In July 2017, a discussion panel was organized for this purpose and was attended by nearly 500 people. But the cryptocurrency environment itself is very reserved when it comes to Microsoft's actions - it is accused of negligence in the introduction of technology and the fact that it becomes a common standard among other large companies.