Bitcoin price with a sharp fell. BTC price went below 7 000 USD

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Current Bitcoin price is about 6 937 USD. Within just 10 minutes, the cryptocurrency price dived by over 200 USD, what made it fall below 7 000 USD.

bitcoin price has fallen

Current situation on BTC price chart

bitcoin chart 7 days

Although the last 4 days were quite positive for Bitcoin’s price, and bulls started to return to market, today Bitcoin price noted a drastic decline. As a result, leading cryptocurrency has lost 200 USD in its value. By that, BTC landed under the 7 000 USD level.

bitcoin price last 30 days

Yesterday’s session on Bitcoin was opened at 7 337 USD, and closed at nearly 7 302 USD. Current BTC price is 6 937 USD. It is a 4,36% decrease in the daily range.

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What about altcoins?

The rest of cryptocurrencies followed Bitcoin’s path. By that, most of them lost about 5% of value. In some cases there were even more loses. The group of projects from the first 20 of CoinMarketCap that performed the worst we can include: Bitcoin SV (-9,77%),  Bitcoin Cash (-9.24%), Binance Coin (-6,12%) oraz Cardano (-6,10%).

altcoin price decreases

The only cryptocurrencies that increased the price are: Dash (+1,88%), USD Coin (+0,25%), UNUS SED LEO (+0,25%).

Overall market capitalization fell below 20 billion USD. Fear and Greed index remains still on extremely high level. It tells us, that cryptocurrency community is still frozen, waiting for things to get better.