Bitcoin price: will BTC reach 7 000 USD?

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Current Bitcoin price is about 6 430 USD. Over last 24 hours, BTC exchange rate increased by 4,12%. By that, cryptocurrency broke the 6 200 resistance line.

will bitcoin price reach 7000 usd

BTC price chart situation

btc price chart

Although CoronaVirus pandemic did not pass and markets continue to swing, price of the oldest cryptocurrency has greatly increased. Let us remind, that yesterday’s session on Bitcoin was opened on 5 925 USD level. It was a drastic view, because Bitcoin price fluctuated around 6 000 USD for more than a week.. Session was closed on 6 429 USD. This in turn, gave us an increase of 505 USD, so about 8,51%. 

bitcoin price chart

Current Bitcoin price is 6 435 USD. Over last 24 hours its price increased by 4,12%. When it comes to altcoins, we can see, that most of them did not gain a lot. Moreover, fear and greed index on cryptocurrency market remains on extremely high level.

Analysts opinions and speculations

Many people think, that Bitcoin is able to break the resistance level of 6 500 USD. If it happens, leading cryptocurrency have chances to drive its price to 7 000 USD. John Isige from CoinGape came out with such an assumption.

The final medium-term goal is not only to test, but also to overcome the stubborn resistance level at 7 000 USD.

- he said.

Another popular speculant, TeddyCleps, Tweeted Bitcoin chart and two potential paths, that its price might take. He also noted, that currently Bitcoin is following a bullish path.

If Bitcoin is able to reach 7 000 USD level, it may even reach 7 700 USD soon.

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