Bitcoin price remains unchanged. Tim Draper doubles his forecast.

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Currently, Bitcoin price remains above 7 700 USD. Its move in day range is equal to 0,16%, so these are very little changes. The market is flooded by optimism.

tim draper believes in bitcoin

Bitcoin price - current situation

Yesterday’s session on Bitcoin was opened at 7 679 USD, and closed at nearly 7 795 USD. It was a 116 USD change, so BTC price increased by 1,15%.

Bitcoin is on a good run since the last weekend. The price of leading cryptocurrency is 7 760 USD. In the 24-hour range the price changed just by 0,16%. Many of cryptocurrency enthusiasts remain calm after the latest flood of panic.

Bitcoin worth 250 000 USD in 2022?

As it turns out, Tim Draper, the well known analyst, spoke about Bitcoin during virtual conference. He remains with his forecasts about Bitcoin price hitting 6 digit number. He added, that he is convinced, that Bitcoin will reach this level until the end of 2022.

These are not just words thrown to the wind without any support. According to Draper, the increased demand for Bitcoin is caused by the governments, that are ruining their countries. Moreover, billionaire thinks, that the huge US stimulus package has a serious impact on US dollar value. In this case, cryptocurrencies can gain a lot.

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It turns out, that Draper believes in Bitcoin success so much, that he invested 1,25 million USD in OpenNode - a company building payment gateway for Bitcoin. It has to be integrated with Lightning Network (LN). The American billionaire is convinced, that such services are able to take over traditional payment solutions.