Bitcoin price moves above 5000 USD. Optimists still believe in BTC

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Current Bitcoin price is around 5 277 USD. In the last 24 hours, BTC price was able to bounce back and increased by 2,89%. During the last few days, the leading cryptocurrency has been moving in stagnation, and so it remains now.

can bitcoin still bounce back

Bitcoin price chart situation

Yesterday's session was opened on the level of 5 002 USD and closed at 5 225 USD. It was a change of 223 USD. Bitcoin price has increased by 4,46%.

bitcoin price

The lowest Bitcoin price recorded during yesterday’s session was 4 981 USD. Cryptocurrency market is moving in stagnation - a slight fluctuations are occuring. The highest level at BTC during previous day was 5 371 USD.

the price of btc

It seems, that current situation on Bitcoin’s price chart is being ignored by investors. Most of them are still worried about Coronavirus pandemic which floods the world continuously. Concerns about the spreading virus are separating most of users from both cryptocurrency and traditional markets.

greed and fear for bitcoin

Bitcoin price shows lack of the energy to pass the level of 6 000 USD, or at least stay still above 5 500 USD.

“Buy Bitcoin” search query increase

As it turns out, people all around the world all still thinking about buying cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. This phenomenon can be proved by increased number of “Buy Bitcoin” query search. 

It can also be seen, that gold is very popular. Most of investors recently searched for queries related to Bitcoin. Popular crypto trader and analyst tweeted about both Bitcoin and Gold queries popularity.

It is worth mentioning, that “Buy Bitcoin” query is most searched in Nigeria in both 7 and 30 day field.

Tyler Winklevoss remains optimistic about Bitcoin price

One of the famous Winklevoss twins, Tyler Winklevoss is one of the small group, which still believes in Bitcoin. In his opinion, Bitcoin price will leave the oppressions stronger than it ever was. Moreover, he noticed, that leading cryptocurrency has already gone through rough times.

Both Tyler, and his twin brother Cameron, were one of the first Bitcoin owners.

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