Bitcoin price has risen by 40% in the last 12 months!

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Bitcoin is one of the assets, that can be proud of its significant growth over the year. What is more, despite latest price falls, in the 12-month range, Bitcoin price has gained as much as 40% of its value!

bitcoin price rising by 40% over the year

Is Bitcoin the best asset?

Leading analyst of Delphi Digital - Kevin Kelly, has emphasised in the latest weekly report, that there are just few assets, that can show off such great increases in this year. Bitcoin in turn is part of them.

BItcoin performs better than most of assets in the last 12 months (+40%) despite its last declines by 50%. We see, that time horizon matters.

-said Kelly.

bitcoin comparison on other assets

Panic caused by Coronavirus pandemic have shortly weakened BTC price. However, it all started to come back from where it started.

bitcoin price over the year

What is interesting, the report contains correlations between the general market volatility and falling Bitcoin price.

If the sale ends, this will for sure not be the first (or last) time BTC will follow their path.

-was indicated.

Current situation on cryptocurrency market

Yesterday’s session on Bitcoin was opened at 6 956 USD, and closed on almost 6 845 USD. It was a 1,73% decline. Current Bitcoin price is 6 895 USD. In 24-hour range it is a 2,66% increase.

7 day range btc price

After falling below 7 000 USD line that occured on 10th of April, Bitcoin was able to climb over that level once again. Sadly, it did not remain there for so long. Yesterday, the leading cryptocurrency has landed below 6 800 USD.

When it comes to altcoins, they are still following Bitcoin’s path, noting 2% increases during the last 24 hours.