Bitcoin price: BTC rate stays above 6000 USD

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Current Bitcoin’s price is about 6 462 USD. During the last 24 hours cryptocurrency has noted a 9% increase. The rest of altcoins followed BTC’s path too.

bitcoin price over 6000

BTC chart price situation

bitcoin current price

Yesterday’s session on Bitcoin opened at 5 831 USD, and closed on 6 416 USD. It was a change of 684 USD, so BTC price has increased by 10%. Currently, the leading cryptocurrency price fluctuates around that level. Its increase over the last 24 hours is almost 9%.

According to what Tuur Demeester (Adamant Capital analyst) says, Bitcoin may be entering in the re-accumulation phase, after braking the 6 300 USD resistance level.

It is worth adding, that after a long downward trend, Bitcoin has revived on 20th of March. At that time, the leading cryptocurrency has noted a 20% increase. Despite, the bulls failed to take control over it, BTC price was rejected at the level of 6 800 USD. Currently, after 2 days of undecided trading, bulls have entered the market again

current BTC chart

What about altcoins?

Most of the cryptocurrencies followed Bitcoin’s path. Bitcoin dominates other cryptocurrencies by 65,37%. Market capitalization of all altcoins is 181 128 951 964 USD. When it comes to fear and greed index, it still remains on the level of extreme fear. Although, it is better than it was the day before.

bitcoin fear index

Altcoins from CoinMarketCap TOP 20, which have done the best on the market over past 24 hours are: Coin (+12,54%), Chainlink (+10,50%),   Monero (+10,33%), Tezos (+9,38%), Bitcoin SV (+7,41%), Dash (+7,18%), TRON (+6,85%), Ethereum (+6,73%), Binance Coin (+6,68%) oraz Bitcoin Cash (+6,47%).

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