Bitcoin price: BTC rate drops to 9,000 USD!

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Bitcoin seems to be dividing a large chasm from the desired bull rally. The price of this cryptocurrency was again within the range of USD 9,000. Meanwhile, Vitalik Buterin, the head of Ethereum, is undermining the validity of the S2F ...

bitcoin and chart

Current situation on the BTC chart

Over the past hours, Bitcoin has fallen from above USD 9,400 to around USD 9,000. This cryptocurrency has been making connections for 10,000 USD for a long time - as can be seen without significant effects. After an increase to USD 9,900, there was a correction close to USD 9,200. Of course, the price of Bitcoin came to life quickly, starting the climb with a new one - this, however, ended up falling down.

As it turns out, there has been anxiety among BTC investors for a long time. Although the anxiety and greed index was a week ago a neutral level, yesterday and today the Bitcoin community did not stick to optimistic thoughts.

Vitalik Buterin challenges the validity of the S2F

Ethereum co-founder - Vitalik Buterin wrote in one of the tweets who disagrees with the famous example of the to-flow method (S2F). As a reminder, many Bitcoin enthusiasts have high hopes for it since March 2019, when the analyst hiding under the pseudonym PlanB published it for the first time.

According to Buterin, this model is not adopted. After that, when others are available in combination, it must be admitted that the inconsistency of price jumps with the halving, which he wrote about, is not sufficient evidence to be able to overthrow S2F - although he does not believe in its validity.

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