Bitcoin price breaks 9 000 USD level!

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BTC price breaks another key level. The leading cryptocurrency price is now above 9 300 USD. Cryptocurrency has noted almost 20% increase in 24-hour range. IT seems, that 10 000 USD is closer than we thought it is!

bitcoin price increases

Bitcoin price chart current situation

The leading cryptocurrency has regained early March’s decreases. During yesterday session, Bitcoin price has increased by almost 1 000 USD, and now it is gaining even more. Current BTC price is 9 330 USD. In the past few hours Bitcoin has broke 9 400 USD level, but it did not last long.

In the 7-day range, BTC remains on 32% increase. Altcoins are following Bitcoin path. It seems, that fear is slowly leaving cryptocurrency market.

Will Bitcoin reach 10 000 USD?

There is no lack of optimism. Bitcoin is currently performing better than all other assets in the current year. Bitcoin price has reached the highest level since the end of February, thus taking the lead.

1 week range bitcoin

Many crypto analytics speculate, that price increases are caused by the upcoming halving. The crisis itself might have caused good circumstances for Bitcoin too.

Although many people count, that Bitcoin will rise above 10 000 USD level, there are ones, that still remain calm. Tony Vays is expecting for Bitcoin to decline. He informed about that in one of his Tweets, saying, that Bitcoin came out of his long position, which he bought down, selling them at 9 000 USD to make a profit. He added, that waiting for so long could be risky in that case.

There are always people, that create black scenarios for Bitcoin. Goldman Sachs, thinks, that in the middle of 2020 there will be a failure on S&P 500. As the effect of that, we will observe declines on both traditional and cryptocurrency markets.