Bitcoin mining - what is it?

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Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can be obtained in few different ways. Except buying them on markets, they can be mined. What is Bitcoin mining and how does that process runs? In this article you will find out everything about Bitcoin mining process and its profitability. 

what is bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining - what it is?     

Bitcoin mining is simply excavating them. A person that digs cryptocurrencies is so-called bitcoin miner. The mining process is the process in which blocks of blockchain are created. Each block requires a complicated mathematical equation to be solved. Transaction data is recorded on every created block. Bitcoin mining is a process that is very similar to gold mining, that is the main reason, that obtaining Bitcoins has been called by mining them.  Extracted coins are a Proof of Work (PoW) for their miners. By mining a Bitcoins, miners receive a commision of approved transaction. 

Mining process is very complicated. A block can be created when the complicated, and random combination of characters and numbers find its correct entry. Guessing the right series of characters unlocks the hash code, so the block is correctly mined, and can be attached to the chain of blocks that already exists. These rules were created by the creator of Bitcoin - Satoshi Nakamoto (an unknown person or a group), before the first block has been mined. Bitcoin mining is simply the process of adding transactions record to a blockchain. 

Is Bitcoin mining profitable?

Well, it has been profitable years ago. Before Bitcoin price exploded, mining this cryptocurrency was super profitable, and just by getting basic mining hardware or even using GPU, miner could have gained a lot. Actually, this changed. Nowadays, Bitcoin mining is less profitable that it has been few years ago. We can rarely spot a person that mines on his own. Most likely, they join bigger communities, called mining pools. By that, they gather a lot of computing power in one place, so the mining process can happen faster, and the given reward is bigger.

It also often depends, on what hardware miner uses. Classic laptop or GPU mining does not give such results as ASIC mining hardware. It is a hardware, that has been created strictly for mining purpose. It has a few GPUs or CPUs combined with mining software to give a good hash rate (so the Bitcoins can be mined faster). We also have to take electricity price into consideration. There are places on world, where the electricity is cheaper than in another place. This is the main reason, why most of mined Bitcoins came from East - the electricity is much cheaper here than in Western European Union countries.

what is bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining pools - what are they?

When it comes to Bitcoin mining, dealing with that alone is very hard, because there are communities that share their computing power. Because of that, they have much higher chances to unlock the block, because their processors can do a quicker solutions of character strings. Finding best Bitcoin mining pools is not hard. There are many open communities that will welcome your processing power. Joining such pool gives you a part of every unlocked block reward. The reward is divided in proportion of your computing power that you shared.

Free Bitcoin mining without investment - is that possible?

There are some people, that believes this statement. Mining process requires a lot of factors to happen. For instance the hardware, and the electricity. None of this is free. Moreover, the more you can invest, the more you will probably earn. 

But there are some methods to obtain free Bitcoins, but they are super rare. There are some platforms and websites, that allow you to get some satoshis (a small part of Bitcoin) for completing a task on their website. We can also spot a cloud mining process, which we will cover in next paragraph.

Bitcoin cloud free mining

Free bitcoin mining can be proceed by cloud mining. In that process, you can select the platform and share your processing power. By that, you can get a bonus payment. This is a method often chosen as a bonus, not main way to obtain a Bitcoin. It is not very profitable at all, the method provides up to few dollars per month, depending on how much processing power can you share. Summarizing, it is a method for free Bitcoin mining, but that does not pay off at all.

is bitcoin mining profitable

How much can you make on mining Bitcoin?

As we have touched this topic above, it generally depends on how much can you invest. It is all about planning. For instance, if you want to generate a lot of money from Bitcoin mining, you need good hardware, that must be supplied with a lot of power. It generates the costs, but at the end of a day you still get some mined resources, you can sell. 

If you are planning to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, you must calculate everything. Take in account every factor that we have already covered before: electricity bill cost, hardware costs and time spent on setting that. 

Bitcoin GPU mining

Except special hardware and dedicated machines, you can try Bitcoin mining on GPU. What is the best GPU for mining Bitcoin and how does that run? The process itself does not differ at all. It is all about unlocking the hash code by solving mathematical equations by power unit. GPUs have their processing power, so by that, they can be set for solving such strings of characters and numbers. Generally, the more expensive the GPU is, the more efficient it will be. Although, it is not as efficient as ASIC miners are.

You can either choose Nvidia for Bitcoin mining, or Radeon video cards. It is worth to compare their efficiency and calculate the potential incomes. Best graphic cards for bitcoin mining can be easily found on online communities, where miners share their opinions and graphic card performance in Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin mining on phone - is that possible?

Both Bitcoin mining on android devices. Like every other Bitcoin mining hardware it can be done, because it has processing power. There are special softwares, that allow your phone mine cryptocurrencies. Of course, it is not as profitable as any other methods.
When it comes to Apple, mining Bitcoin on iPhone has been banned. It means, that Apple has released an official statement, to not to use their devices for cryptocurrency mining.