Bitcoin HODL strategy was almost always profitable

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After the third halving in the history of Bitcoin, its price has reacted by 13% increase. According to the data monitoring website, as many as 93% of the days brought profit for those clinging to the HODL strategy.

bitcoin hodl profitable

93% days of Bitcoin HODLing was profitable

Historically, Bitcoin's halving is an event that attracts a lot of attention. The last, third halving was no exception. Although it was said that the price would fall due to pressure from miners, BTC has gained $1,000 since halving.

According to a popular monitoring source, since August 2010 as many as 3329 of the 3558 days were green on the chart, which is 93.6%.

Bitcoin Profitable Days. Source: LookIntoBitcoin  HODLers do not sell

Other data show the number of so called HODLers, i.e. addresses where the cryptocurrency was not moved a year or more.1-Year+ HODLing Wave. Source: 

As you can see on the above graph, the so-called "one-year HODL's wave" is practically always at its ATH. The last data was 58%, while a few months before the second halving in January 2016, this percentage was 61.

Additionally, the chart also shows price movements with the HODL wave. Starting in 2011, when Bitcoin reached a peak of over $30, the percentage of the wave fell, meaning that HODLers were selling more. However, a few months later, when BTC reached its lowest $2.50, the percentage of the HODL wave increased.

The same applies to several other characteristic cases. First of all, it happened during the bull run in late 2013 and the subsequent price dive. Then a similar response was recorded during the parabolic price increase in 2017/2018. When BTC reached its highest ever level of $20,000, the annual HODL wave dropped to about 40%. When the price fell in the following months, the wave returned to a level above 55%.