Binance US: Changpeng Zhao will not help

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Is Binance Going To Return To the United States?

Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao (CZ) will not take any formal position in the American branch of the company, which will be built in the near future.

Changes in the US

During the last press conference organized by the head of Binance, investors were curious about many issues. However, the most important thing for them was the case of the upcoming Binance US project. It is supposed to be an American branch of the Korean cryptocurrency exchange. A few days ago, the exchange announced withdrawing all its operations in the USA. In addition, all customers in the United States have lost access to their transactions. It was quite a surprise, but it was immediately explained that the exchange run by CZ is going to launch a special American branch of the company.

CZ role in Binance US

Finally, Binance CEO was asked about his role in the new project. Zhao said that he would not take any formal position in the American branch, which will be managed by an external company, called BAM Trading Services. He also added that both companies are cooperating in order to open a branch in the next three months. At the next press conference, there were issues about rendering SAFU (Secure Asset Fund for Users) funds unavailable to customers located in the USA. The issue of Binance Coin was also raised, because there have been reports that it may not be available to US customers. If this is the case, the users will be treated unfairly, because the owners of this coin can count on various privileges. Zhao does not promise anything except the fact that he plans to start a branch in the US in the next three months.