Binance Returns With iOS App

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On August 19 this year, Binance's mobile app returned to the App Store, seemingly for good.

A difficult return

On Saturday, August 17, CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao announced the return of the app for iOS. He emphasized that trying to get back to the App Store was a difficult process as it was necessary to meet the relevant conditions, but the company has made this attempt. It was not easy, according to CZ, but the process was successful. In May, users noticed that it was not possible to find the exchange's app on iOS. Binance spokesman emphasized that the cause was not repairs, but longer than expected verification from the App Store. Users have waited a long time for the application to return and expressed their dissatisfaction on Reddit, among others. The mobile application of the exchange is available for Android users in the Google Playstore all the time. In addition, it can be installed on a PC in both Windows and macOS.

The development is getting closer

Certainly, the return of the mobile application is an important element of Binance's development, which is approaching quickly. Recently, users have been deprived of transactions in the United States, but this was just a part of a larger operation since Binance plans to launch a full-fledged American branch. Changpeng Zhao did not declare any specific date of the exchange's return to the USA. It is known, however, that this is to happen within the next two months.