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Marzena Karpiak


RBI Confirms: No Ban on Crypto In India

Marzena Karpiak
The Indian Central Bank has confirmed that there is no ban on cryptocurrencies in India. The central bank explained that all it does is separating the entities (like banks) it regulates from the risks associated with trading cryptocurrencies.

Central Banks Joined Forces, Considering Issuing National Digital Currencies

Marzena Karpiak
Central banks from different continents, including Europe, Asia and North America, have joined forces to evaluate the possibility of issuing national digital currencies as well as associated with it benefits and risks. The debate on the topic of CBDC has accelerated noticeably in recent months due to Facebook's pressuring the launch of the Libra project.

Is it BTC's Fault That Peter Schiff Lost an Access To His Wallet?

Marzena Karpiak
Peter Schiff despises Bitcoin (BTC) almost as much as BTC supporters dispise Schiff. The well-known gold advocate attacks the leading cryptocurrency at every opportunity. This time, the eccentric entrepreneur found a new reason to criticize BTC. The man forgot his wallet password, claiming that, in this case, it is Bitcoin's fault.
bitcoin guide

Bitcoin - how to start? A Beginners Guide.

Marzena Karpiak
How to start dealing with Bitcoin? - More and more often novices ask this question. In this guide, we have gathered basic information about Bitcoin and about ways in which it can make you rich.

Akon Concluded the Contract on His Crypto City in Africa!

Marzena Karpiak
A popular singer, Akon, is still working on the "city of cryptocurrencies". The support of the development of young African entrepreneurs is the aim of the project. Here are the effects!

North Korean Hackers Use Telegram to Steal Cryptocurrencies

Marzena Karpiak
As the latest research shows, North Korean hackers have developed a clever way of stealing BTC and other cryptocurrencies through a popular messaging application, Telegram.

Chainlink (LINK) - One of the Most Promising Altcoins

Marzena Karpiak
Chainlink (LINK), even though almost unknown in Poland, is currently one of the most popular altcoins in the world. Only last year it recorded an increase of over 500%, which is more than the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), and more than almost all leading altcoins. Moreover, as one of few projects in the cryptocurrency industry, it is becoming more and more increasingly applied.

Bitcoin's Price Goes Up By 8%. Reaction To the Attack?

Marzena Karpiak
Bitcoin (BTC) continues to grow for the fifth day in a row. Since yesterday the BTC exchange rate increased by nearly 8%. At the peak moment the value of it reached almost USD 8400, which is the highest level since November. As economists claim, an increase like that is a reaction to the Iran bomb attack on US military bases in Iraq.

Turkey To Increase Supervision Over Cryptocurrency Market

Marzena Karpiak
The authorities of Turkey concerned about the fact that cryptocurrencies are getting more and more popular in the country, are reportedly intensifying their efforts to implement an increased supervision over this sector by asking the Turkish regulator to develop appropriate regulations.

Venezuelan Burger King Accepts Payments in 6 Cyrptocurrencies!

Marzena Karpiak
The Venezuelan branch of Burger King started cooperating with the Cryptobuyer company and as a result of this, one of the branches located in Caracas began accepting payments via a few popular cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies Industry and Cyber Threats. What Might Go Wrong?

Marzena Karpiak
According to a great number of analysts, cryptocurrencies will be getting more and more recognition in the coming years because of the fact that this branch of industry will become increasingly common in all sectors of the industry. What about the security?

An Asian Shipping Terminal Joins TradeLens

Marzena Karpiak
TradeLens is not slowing down as, some time ago, another large member joined the platform. In what way will blockchain technology help the platform solve the problems associated with the shipping industry?

Tether (USDT) Will Remain The Hit Token For Cryptocurrency Traders

Marzena Karpiak
Tether (USDT) remains the most popular stablecoin for cryptocurrency traders. What is interesting is the fact that, in terms of transaction volume, it even exceeds Bitcoin (BTC)!

Justin Sun Donates $1 Million For Greta Thundberg

Marzena Karpiak
TRON's founder, Justin Sun, has publicly committed to donating a million dollars to Greta Thunberg, a young, Swedish activist. What was his reason?

Tone Vays: Now Is the Best Time To Buy Bitcoin (BTC)

Marzena Karpiak
A popular trader, Tone Vays, predicted yesterday that the price of Bitcoin will soon fall below USD 7000, adding that the coming years will be the best time to buy BTC. The rate has fallen around USD 6900 earlier today.
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