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Marzena Karpiak


Ripple Establishes Cooperation With the National Bank of Egypt. XRP Goes Up By 15%

Marzena Karpiak
The National Bank of Egypt which is the oldest and largest banking institution in the country, joins RippleNet. The price of XRP increases by 15% and surpasses a psychological level of $0.30.

Another 8 Italian Cryptocurrency Websites Closed

Marzena Karpiak
CONSOB blocks another eight websites that offer financial and investment services. One of the services is, for instance, trading in cryptographic assets, currencies and CFD contracts. The regulator claims that the operation of the companies was illegal in Italy and that it has blocked nearly 150 websites of this kind over the past few months.

5 Best Blockchain-Based Games You Should Know

Marzena Karpiak
Blockchain-based games are gaining more and more popularity recently. CryptoKitties, for instance, turned out to be quite a sensation. Below is the list of other titles which might be interesting to you!

Lisk (LSK) Goes Up Fast!

Marzena Karpiak
Lisk's current price fluctuates around $2. Over the past few days, the LSK rate has increased by almost 25%. Are there specific reasons for such a big price change?

Uganda Fights Cryptocurrency Frauds and Financial Pyramids. New Laws and Bans.

Marzena Karpiak
As a result of a growing number of cryptocurrency-based frauds and financial pyramids, the Ugandan Ministry of Finance warns against investing in crypto assets and pyramids. The government also plans to update its criminal code in order to prohibit such type of frauds.

Losing Sleep Over Invoices? Blockchain Might Be Helpful!

Marzena Karpiak
IBM, a technology giant, has developed a unique tool that is supposed to automatize the process of concluding contracts for part-time jobs which will be beneficial for both employers and employees. And all that thanks to blockchain!

A Ferrari? You Can Buy One For Tokens!

Marzena Karpiak
An investment platform, CurioInvest, together with the MERJ Exchange Ltd. is to provide a complete novelty to the market. The companies established a cooperation in order to issue tokens secured with collectible cars.

Deutsche Bank: Digital Yuan To Challenge Dollar's Hegemony

Marzena Karpiak
According to Deutsche Bank Research, the digital yuan designed in China could seriously challenge the hegemony of the US dollar. Researchers are also of the opinion that digital payments could ultimately be the reason of the plastic card's death.

Fatal Error In the Trezor Hardware Wallets

Marzena Karpiak
A security flaw may be found even in hardware wallets. This time, Trezor was thoroughly scanned. There is no need to panic, though. See what a security flaw is and how to ensure the security of your own funds!

Tesla Better Than Bitcoin? A 50% Increase!

Marzena Karpiak
Bitcoin's price (BTC) is heading towards $10,000, noting at the beginning of 2020 a growth of over 30%. Simultaneously, another virtual coin, Tesla, achieved even better results when its shares reached the highest level in its history. Since the beginning of the year, the shares of Elon Muska's company have already increased by 51%.

Ripple's IPO - Possible Impact on the XRP's Price

Marzena Karpiak
While Ripple takes into consideration an IPO (Initial Public Offering), the cryptocurrency community is trying to figure out what effect it would have on the price of the Ripple's token, XRP. Some experts believe that the fact of Ripple's listing may actually devaluate the company's cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Industry Helps the Victims of the Coronavirus

Marzena Karpiak
The CEO of Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange, Changpeng Zhao, has committed to give $1.5 million to people who fell victim of a dangerous virus which is currently spreading in China.

Cryptographic Valley in Dubai's Tax-Free Zone

Marzena Karpiak
The authorities of Dubai have announced that a cryptographic valley in the national Tax-Free Zone (no personal and legal income tax) will be launched. Thanks to the help of Swiss crypto-valley partners, Dubai will be offering different services, including startup incubators, blockchain trainings and coworking facilities.

Justin Sun's "secret" conversations with Charlie Lee

Marzena Karpiak
The CEO of TRON and BitTorrent, Justin Sun, made it public that he was conducting, as he put it, "secret" conversations with the creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee.

5 Bitcoin Myths That Should Be Refuted

Marzena Karpiak
Even though Bitcoin has gained a great number of supporters, there are still people who repeat false information about it. Here are some typical myths which should be refuted!
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