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Bitcoin price steady after halving. Is it calm before storm?

Maciej Żerelik
Block 630,000 was excavated yesterday, and with this long-awaited event the third Bitcoin halving was performed. From now on, miners will only receive 6.25 BTC for every new block in the Bitcoin network.The price of bitcoin a few hours before halving has got into turbulence, but it seems that everything has calmed down, at least for now.
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Finally we've got the halving! 630,000 blocks mined!

Maciej Żerelik
The most awaited event in the crypto community finally happened. Bitcoin halving will reduce the daily supply, the inflation rate and the prize awarded to the miners. This is also the subject of serious discussions on the price of BTC.
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Halving could be quicker than expected: 10 blocks in 47 minutes

Maciej Żerelik
The median time of transaction confirmation decreased significantly on the day when halving bitcoin is estimated. If the rate will be kept, halving will take place earlier than expected.
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Bitcoin transaction fees above $3 before halving

Maciej Żerelik
It's less than a day left for bitcoin halving, and transaction fees are rising sharply. This shows that users are ready to pay more for their transactions to prioritize them and for more unconfirmed transactions.
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Bitcoin has fallen off a cliff to $8000

Maciej Żerelik
Bitcoin has fallen from the abyss today, since the daily closure. The most popular cryptocurrency fell from $9,800 on which spent most of the weekend to $8,000, a fall of over 15%. BTC broke the support level as if it didn't exist at all.
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How halving will affect mining? What analysts say?

Maciej Żerelik
Block prizes will be halved on May 12th and many analysts are beginning to wonder how this event will affect the crypto market and the mining community.
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Bitcoin's price just reach $10000

Maciej Żerelik
Only four days left for Bitcoin halving. This information alone could have raised Bitcoin's price to $10000
bitcoin price 10 years ago

Exactly 10 years ago Bitcoin price was only $0.003

Maciej Żerelik
Bitcoin price has come a very long way since its invention, when its anonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto published whitepapers.
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Bitcoin's dominance highest since 20 January

Maciej Żerelik
The price of Bitcoin has been rising all the time since the large drops recorded in mid-March. Following it, the vast majority of altcoins are also rising, which in total means a significant price increase. However, the dominance of bitcoin on the market is becoming more and more significant.
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Network indicators showing Bitcoin strength

Maciej Żerelik
Bitcoin price is once again in the process of exceeding $9,000. The resistance, which was set at a level just above this price point, proved to be quite significant as BTC had to face many sharp drops of $9,200 and $9,500.
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