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Shopify Accept Crypto Payments Now!

Maciej Żerelik
Shopify - Canadian e-commerce giant, which offer to easy create own online shop will accept crypto payments because it has signed a contract with the company that offers crypto payment processor - CoinPayments
bull rally bitcoin

Bitcoin price over $9,700. The BTC price is on an upward trend.

Maciej Żerelik
BTC's price has risen again above $9,700. According to Keith McCullough (CEO of Hedgeye Risk Management), this cryptocurrency is currently in an upward trend!
blockchain china

Binance Come Back to China to promote Blockchain Technology

Maciej Żerelik
One of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, is returning to the Chinese market after China introduced a ban on cryptocurrencies trading in 2017. However, Binance's target this time is returning to China for another purpose. The company will develop and promote blockchain technology.
bitcoin dollar

Analyst Tuur Demeester Says That Bitcoin Price Could Rise Over $50K

Maciej Żerelik
Investor and analyst Tuur Demeester says that after halving, the price of bitcoin will not fall below $6,000 and may rise to $5,0000 in the future.
bitcoin labyrint

Institutional interest: Greyscale is Rapidly Expanding its Bitcoin Portfolio

Maciej Żerelik
Greyscale Investment's portfolio has increased by 60,000 bitcoins in the last 100 days - about as many bitcoins as were extracted in the last 3 months.
hackers supercomputers

Supercomuters in Europe Hacked to Mine Crypto

Maciej Żerelik
This week several supercomputers across Europe were attacked by hackers who broke in with the intention of mining crypto. The computers had to be shut down for investigation.
bbitcoin fees increasing

Bitcoin Fees are 850% up in One Month!

Maciej Żerelik
After the third ever halving of bitcoin in history, bitcoin's transaction fees have increased by over 800% in one month!
crypto scam

New Chinese Crypto SCAM: WOTOKEN

Maciej Żerelik
According to Chinese reports, another crypto scam has taken place this week, which is similar to the Plustoken platform. Over 700,000 users have been scammed by Dubbed WOTOKEN, and it has stolen a crypto worth over $1 billion.
miners lost 61% of ravenue

Miners relying on Bitcoin fees after halving

Maciej Żerelik
After the third halving week, the miners rely more on Bitcoin transaction fees because the block prizes were halved, what mean that miners' ravenue is much smaller than before.
bitcoin peter schiff

Peter Schiff: Bitcoin is not an inflation hedge

Maciej Żerelik
Famous economist and gold promoter Peter Schiff shared information on the tweeter explaining why high inflation will not affect the price of bitcoin.
bitcoin predictions

Bitcoin price on $467,000 level is possible according to Raoul Pau

Maciej Żerelik
Raould Pal, CEO of Real Vision, says that the price of bitcoin in the long term could rise up to $467,000. He is not alone, as such forecasts have already been made by Mark Yusko among others.
bitcoin hodl profitable

Bitcoin HODL strategy was almost always profitable

Maciej Żerelik
After the third halving in the history of Bitcoin, its price has reacted by 13% increase. According to the data monitoring website, as many as 93% of the days brought profit for those clinging to the HODL strategy.
bitcoin is king

Why Bitcoin still remains king of cryptocurrencies?

Maciej Żerelik
While there are many different blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions on the market today, Bitcoin still remains king of them, just like "the lion is king of the jungle"
blockchain bitcoin china

The Bank of China wants to adopt blockchain faster

Maciej Żerelik
Officials from the Bank of China are pushing for an accelerated adoption of the Blockchain Technology.
bitcoin price 9000$

Bitcoin's price returned to $9000 level today

Maciej Żerelik
The price of bitcoin has returned to $9,000 today, as new data revealed how much miners will lose after the third bitcoin halving.
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