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Peter Schiff Claims that Bitcoin's Recent Rally Was Manipulation

Maciej Żerelik
Bitcoin's famous critic, Peter Schiff, has once again led the punch towards BTC. He said that Bitcoin's last rally from $9100 to $9600 was manipulation.
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India Central Bank Gives Green Light for Crypto Firms

Maciej Żerelik
A recent announcement issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) suggests that Indian banks are not prohibited from opening accounts for crypto companies anymore.
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Calibra Wallet Changes its Name to Novi

Maciej Żerelik
Calibra's Facebook digital wallet was rebranded and renamed to Novi. The company also shared new information about the project.
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Russian Bank Sberbank launches blockchain based touchless ATMs

Maciej Żerelik
According to local news agency Izvestia The Russian state-owned bank Sberbank is introducing non-contact ATMs in Russia using blockchain technology. The aim is to improve security and reduce the spread of coronavirus. A pandemic has paved the way for contactless technology. From touchless travel, payments, touchless toilets to touchless ATMs introduced in the Russian market. Touchless solutions are becoming increasingly popular and are setting new prospects.
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Bitcoin Tax Havens. 8 Countries That Do Not Tax Bitcoin Revenue

Maciej Żerelik
Governments around the world are introducing laws that impose taxes on the income from BTC transactions, but there are still a few countries that allow investors to buy, sell or store digital assets without paying a penny. Today we present you with a list of eight countries that can be considered as a Bitcoin tax haven.
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Italian government will protect 'Made in Italy' products by Blockchain technology

Maciej Żerelik
Italy is one of the countries most affected by the economic crisis caused by COVID-19. It is slowly starting to recover the economy. Among the programmes aimed at improving the situation, there is a project to combat counterfeiting and its key aspect is the development and implementation blockchain technology.
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Interesting facts about Bitcoin's energy consumption

Maciej Żerelik
After halving, which took place on 11 May, many miners disconnected their excavators from the network. According to the Digitomist, the energy consumption caused by bitcoin extraction fell by 24%.
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Bitcoin's Hash Rate is slowly stabilizing. Fees are rising by over 2000%

Maciej Żerelik
Just before halving, Bitcoin's Hash Rate almost reached its new ATH. Unfortunately, shortly after halving (as expected by many analysts), drastic drops was recorded. According to data provided by, the 7-day average HR value of the BTC network increased for the first time since May 11th. Although small, as only 1% of the rebound may suggest a slow stabilization of this very important indicator.
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Tether is overtaking Ripple and become 3rd biggest cryptocureency by marketcap

Maciej Żerelik
Although billions of new USDT have been printed in the last few months, this most popular stable coin has beaten the ripple and is now the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap.
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South Korean University Announces Blockchain Campus

Maciej Żerelik
The University of Daegu has made an agreement with the Korean Artificial Intelligence Association to create a campus for people interested in blockchain technology.
mastercard joins ID2020

Mastercard joined Blockchain Alliance - ID2020

Maciej Żerelik
Mastercard, has joined the ID2020 Alliance, a global company whose main goal is to create a digital identity for every person in the world by 2030. According to the company this would improve quality of life.

Today is 10th Bitcoin Pizza Day!

Maciej Żerelik
As you probably know, today is 10th Bitcoin Pizza Day. What is it? It's the 10th anniversary of buying two pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins.
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Crypto in Russia soon will be banned

Maciej Żerelik
According to the Russian government, cryptocurrencies trading is about to become a crime, and traders could end up in prison. This is part of a law bill through which Russia wants to regulate cryptocurrencies.
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France Succesfully Tested Digital Euro

Maciej Żerelik
Many central banks around the world are considering their own digital currencies to start competing with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Some countries have speeded up their work on this technology after Facebook announced its plans for the global digital currency Libra in June 2019, but only a few have taken real steps in this direction, while France has just successfully tested its CBDC central bank currency, the digital euro.
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Bitcoins from 2009 moved. Is it Stoshi Nakamoto?

Maciej Żerelik
Bitcoins were transferred from a wallet that might have belonged to Satoshi Nakamoto. The market automatically reacted to this message by fear.
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