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Jestem pasjonatką technologii kryptowalutowych, a także fantastyki. Uważam, że Bitcoin i pozostałe krypto to nasza przyszłość.

Craig Wright continues the battle with Kleiman

Agata Hofman
The court in Florida decided, that Craig Wright must give back the Bitcoins he has illegally taken over from his deceased business partner. The self-appointed BTC creator does not give up.

Portugal: Cryptocurrency transactions will not be taxed

Agata Hofman
The Portuguese tax office has announced that cryptocurrency transactions will not be taxed.

US Air Force starts a partnership with Constellation Network

Agata Hofman
Large databases can be challenging for any organization. Blockchain technology may be an alternative solution to this problem.

Trademarks' problems and regulation in crypto world

Agata Hofman
In the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, more and more disputes over intellectual property have been emerging recently. This is an example of one

Binance Lending will launch soon

Agata Hofman
One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, intends to launch its new lending product on August 28. Will it work?

Libra has a new competitor

Agata Hofman
Facebook's Libra has been in the spotlight for the last few months, and not in a good way. Now, however, the voices of criticism are promoting a very similar project. Coincidence? Don't think so.

Transaction costs are influencing Ethereum

Agata Hofman
Vitalik Buterin is afraid of the increase in transaction costs on the Ethereum blockchain. This situation can have considerable consequences for his project.

Winklevoss brothers want to reconciliate with Zuckerberg

Agata Hofman
Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have always been supportive of the cryptocurrencies. Now they want to forget old animosities for the sake of this industry.

Rakuten's cryptocurrency exchange

Agata Hofman
After many months of declarations, the Japanese e-commerce giant, Rakuten, has finally launched its cryptocurrency exchange.

Coil Platform gets 1 billion XRP from one of Ripple's companies

Agata Hofman
One of the Ripple's infrastructures and adoption initiatives, Xpring, has given a 1 billion XRP (about $265 million) grant to a Coil Platform.

Is Bitcoin a store of value?

Agata Hofman
Bitcoin is often compared to gold as an asset with a specified value. However, not everyone shares this belief.

Justin Sun's priority is launching TRX on Coinbase and Binance

Agata Hofman
Sun Network version 1.0 has launched. Right now, Justin Sun's priority is getting TRX to the biggest exchanges in the USA.

VC Trade exchange adopts new KYC and AML technology

Agata Hofman
An anti-laundering (AML) technology has been integrated into a Japanese crypto exchange - VC Trade. This technology was created by CoolBitX, a Taiwanese virtual currency hardware wallet company.

Why can't Bitcoin be bought with new Apple Card?

Agata Hofman
New Apple Card has just launched. However, it won't allow users to buy any kind of cryptocurrency. Are Apple and Golden Sachs following into British and American banks' footsteps??
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Bitcoin is at the peak of popularity, while Yuan is falling

Agata Hofman
Chinese crypto-market is bullish on Bitcoin, very much so. BTC's price has risen over 10%. Could this be because of yuan's fall?
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