About Tokeneo

The Tokeneo project aims to create a complete ecosystem of cryptocurrency services. We create solutions that provide suitable tools to increase awareness and knowledge about the benefits of using cryptocurrencies as well as the possibilities of blockchain technology. Through our already existing products, we contribute to increasing the adoption of cryptocurrencies and enable trade and investment in the cryptocurrency market. The company, registered in Hong Kong under the Tokeneo Ltd. name, operates in several areas at the same time: Tokeneo News - a free cryptocurrency information service that provides information about the cryptocurrency market, blockchain technology and everything related to this industry. In addition to a large amount of industry content, the service puts a great emphasis on education, thus contributing to the popularization of digital currencies and new technologies. Project details: https://tokeneo.com/ Tokeneo.cash - an online cryptocurrency exchanger. The exchange aims at quick and easy exchange of fiat currency for cryptocurrencies and the other way around without the need to register. Project details: https://tokeneo.com/cash/en/ Tokeneo.com - tokens and cryptocurrencies exchange. It is the only exchange project in the world that has its own investment token entitling to allotment of profits from the money circulation. TEO tokens will be offered on public collection. Project details: https://tokeneo.io/ TokeneoPay - a system of integration of online and stationary payments for entrepreneurs, enabling the acceptance of cryptocurrencies for their goods and services and their processing into fiat currencies. The payment system will be integrated directly with the Tokeneo.com exchange. Tokeneo Ltd. strategic investor Cryptoinvestia - an open cryptocurrency fund investing in the best cryptocurrency projects with a solid foundation. Currently, Cryptoinvestia is a strategic investor of Tokeneo projects. The project is financed entirely from funds collected in ICO. Project details: www.cryptoinvestia.io