A Cooperative Charity Campaign In Cryptocurrency Industry

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Binance, together with 44 other companies from the cryptocurrency industry, will get involved in a charity campaign aiming to fight poverty.

Who's behind it?

The main figure of this support group is Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Apart from Binance, VeChain, Ripple and others have also agreed to help. Support, which leading crypto-currencies in the world agreed to provide, aims to improve women's standard of living in the developing countries. The campaign is due to begin in July this year in Uganda. It is also supposed to introduce the Pink Care Token - a stablecoin related to Binance Chain. Its goal is to change for the better the economy and health service in a given country. Binance isolates itself from the cryptocurrency market that way, so that there will be no problems with a rapidly changing value. Focus must be on projects related to the ongoing charity action.

Binance's driving forces

Despite the noble goal, there are opinions that Changpeng Zhao's exchange activities are targeted only at PR. Nevertheless, every unselfish help should be treated with respect. There is one more issue that arises - Binance as well as other companies supporting the needy does more than only help them live better. Inevitably, the blockchain technology comes to mind. Even though there is a huge number of critics of it, a campaign like that is undoubtedly a chance to show it to a wider and wider audience.