7 Biggest Cryptocurrency Exchanges

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Cryptocurrencies exchanges are a thriving market, which is becoming increasingly popular. Check which cryptocurrency exchanges have become the largest platforms for digital asset trading!

biggest crypto exchanges

Currently, there are many exchanges on the market offering cryptocurrency trading. When choosing the right one, it is worth to pay attention to certain factors. Of course, it is difficult to choose the best exchange, if only because the competing platforms are still outperforming in new solutions and protections. However, there is a certain group of entities that stand out and are given special trust and sentiment by investors. Below you will find 7 largest crypto exchanges:

Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro is an American crypto exchange that has undergone several changes in its time. It is a regulated entity, associated with the well-known Coinbase brand, which by the way is planning to enter the American stock exchange. The platform itself is transparent, easy to use. It enables the exchange of FIAT currencies into cryptocurrencies. Coinbase Pro accepts bank transfers and deposits  in Euro and USD. The transaction fees range from 0.1% to 0.3%.


It is a Hong Kong-based exchange established in 2012. The platform attracts investors with its high liquidity, but has fallen victim of hackers several times, so special care must be taken. Bitfinex has a lot of advanced trading tools, so it is not recommended for beginners. Among other things, it enables leveraged trading on a peer-to-peer basis. It supports deposits in both crypto and FIAT currencies.


Binance is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017, which is currently probably the most popular exchange in the world. It has two layouts: basic and advanced, making it friendly for beginners and advanced traders alike. Binance is constantly introducing new possibilities and options on its website. Currently, in addition to the classic stock exchange, the platform offers so-called staking, crypto loans and futures contracts with leverage up to x125. Binance does not offer withdrawals and deposits in FIAT currencies, however, it is possible to directly buy the crypto with a credit card. Exchange commissions are about 0.1%.


Bitmex is one of the best known platforms for cryptic futures. What distinguishes the exchange the most is the lack of need to verify KYC. This means that all you have to do is enter your email address and trading on the exchange is already possible. The platform does not offer FIAT currencies, and deposits and withdrawals are only possible at BTC. BitMEX is mainly known for its ability to trade with high leverage. Currently the platform allows you to leverage positions up to x100. Fees depend on many factors, but are not among the lowest.


OKEx is another platform focusing on futures. In addition to the crypto exchange, the exchange allows for the conversion of fiat currencies, or in fact only one - the Chinese yuan. The exchange takes place between users, who can set an exchange rate between themselves. At OKEX you will find a wide range of cryptocurrencies and encouraging very low transaction fees.


Huobi is a Singapore-based exchange, mainly focused on Asian markets. The main advantage of the platform is its transparency and ease of use. Apart from the exchange, Huobi also offers professional tools for traders of Huobi Pro and the Huobi crypto Wallet, which makes it an extremely convenient multinar to operate. The platform supports many crypto pairs and fiat currencies such as the dollar, Chinese yuan and Singaporean dollar. Trading fees are about 0.2%.


 It is a platform that uses a controversial exchange model defined by the terms "trade-based extraction" and "dividend payment". In practice, the transaction fees are converted into the coins of the CET exchange, and then redistributed back to the traders, according to the size of the transaction. This means that users basically trade for free. This has given the exchange a lot of interest and excitement, both positive and negative.