5 latest forecasts for future Bitcoin price!

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Although current changes on the Bitcoin chart remain small, some analysts predict strong price movements. Let's analyze the forecasts about the BTC course that have appeared recently!

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Max Keiser: Bitcoin for $ 500,000

In one of his episodes from the Keizer Report series, the presenter emphasized that Bitcoin could climb to the heights if America decided to take part in the "space race of BTC mining in the 21st century". He mentioned the Iranian and Venezuelan regimes that would put pressure on Donald Trump to accept the BTC. He also explained that the acquisition of about 20% of hashrate by the US would increase network security and raise Bitcoin's price to USD 400,000 and USD 500,000.

Max Keizer believes in the foundations behind the most popular cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has great symbolic value for him. In his material, he emphasized that the BTC represents the reform of freedom of speech.

PlanB: at least USD 288,000 for BTC

In the cryptocurrency community, there are comments from time to time about the popular Bitcoin value pricing model - S2FX. A few days ago, its creator added another red dot. Although the cryptocurrency may have problems with breaking the level of 10,000 USD - its exchange rate remains on the right track. PlanB emphasized that BTC behaves exactly as it should.

btc forecasts chartsource: PlanB/Twitter

In this case, red dots precede the large price jump of this cryptocurrency. According to this model, the Bitcoin rally should start before the end of 2020, and by the next halving time the BTC course is expected to reach at least USD 288,000. All that this cryptocurrency needs today is a typical month with a solid profit of 30%. When Bitcoin reaches USD 12,000, the rally will propel itself.

Kraken stock exchange CEO: Bitcoin for USD 1,000,000

According to Dan Held, the most popular cryptocurrency has great potential for growth. In his opinion, the BTC course can reach up to a million dollars! According to the general manager of the Kraken stock exchange, when it comes to the fact that almost everyone will own Bitcoin, keeping it will become boring. He said that over time this cryptocurrency would transform from a highly risky asset into a low volatility currency - hence heralding huge adoption.

Dan Held's faith in BTC remains largely unwavering. As it turns out, he doesn't really like altcoins - which he announced during one of the interviews on the Cointelegraph channel. Kraken CEO stated in it that the remaining cryptocurrencies are just experiments ...

Crypto Michael: first goal of USD 16,000

According to market analyst Michael van de Poppe, Bitcoin will soon rise above USD 10,500, which will bring the cryptocurrency exchange rate to the next level of USD 16,000.

However, if the price of Bitcoin drops to 8,800 or 8,600 USD, bears may temporarily take advantage of the market. Crypto Michael, however, does not expect a large decline, if only because the asset is increasingly interested in institutional investors.

Henrik Zeberg: change of attitude towards the Bitcoin exchange rate

This economist expected the BTC price to fall to USD 1,760 this month. Currently, the rate of this cryptocurrency is around USD 9,000. In his last tweet, Henrik Zeberg mentioned that Bitcoin has not broken and the RSI indicator is starting to look bullish.

He based his previous analysis on Elliott waves - as you can see it was not effective because the cryptocurrency market has its own rules. The current attitude of Henrik Zeberg towards Bitcoin has changed dramatically. BTC has already positively surprised many people!

As you can see, many people place great hopes in Bitcoin. Will this cryptocurrency establish a new ATH? It is probably only a matter of time. This is demonstrated by the foundations on which BTC was based, the supply of this cryptocurrency has been limited, and interest in it is constantly growing. It is also worth paying attention to the generational difference, while older people shun Bitcoin, the younger generations are more enthusiastic about it.

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