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Green means go: 5 extraordinary altcoin rallies with one similarity

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Here are five Altcoin rallies which proved to be beneficial for the crypto business.


In crypto business, we often see entire sectors moving in parallel. All DeFi Coins can be rolled together, while the Meta-Universe token has increased following the news that Facebook is getting a facelift. But this week a group of top crypto artists have very little in common… other than trading indicators that glow in bright green neon letters before their prices skyrocket.

Today we look at:

  • Polygon (MATIC) - Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution
  • Aave (imaginary, AAVE) - decentralized financial asset (DeFi)
  • Voyager (VGX) - crypto trading platform
  • Koinos (KOIN) - a deaf base blockchain designed for scalability
  • Linear (LINA) - protocol for cross-chain assets

They have all made considerable profits over the past month and, despite their differences, they have one thing in common. Each of them achieves a VORTECS™ score of over 90 before reaching its maximum price level. In fact, all of these tokens display a very similar pattern of commercial and social behaviour to conditions in the past prior to the rally. And once these very stable trading conditions are found, most of these cryptocurrencies enter a positive cycle where their price momentum leads to an increase in trading volume and tweets, which in turn triggers the next phase of the rally.

Is there an opportunity for traders to get on the shuttle to the moon earlier?

This shows signs of extreme self-confidence. The indicator that calls for particularly tough conditions is called the VORTECS™ Score, a tool available through Markets Pro's subscription-based data intelligence platform. Its job is to compare current trading conditions and sentiment with historically similar situations and to alert traders when bullish patterns are found. Live tests of the VORTECS algorithm took more than ten months.

A VORTECS™ value above 80 is considered bullish with confidence. On average, there are 30 to 50 weekly asset instances that exceed the 80-point threshold. However, values of 90 or more are rare. Usually there are no more than 4-5 cases of such a result in an average week, and sometimes a whole week can pass without a single 90. This very high result means that the algorithm strongly believes that the observed conditions are similar to those that preceded the asset's outstanding past performance. As previously reported, forecasts of over 90 are sometimes preceded by price increases that can last several days. So, over the past month, he's been working with some of VORTECS biggest assets.

COINS: +100% after top result

COINS, the asset whose first VORTECS™ score was calculated on November 5th, is off to a good start right outside the door. Asset earnings hit 90 hours after debuting at 22 cents.

In one day, it peaked at $0.44, a 100% increase. The pump was accompanied by a further 432% of trading volume and 221% of the usual tweet level. It is possible that the very striking outcome of the Koinos appreciation event was partly due to its small market cap, which was only $20 million before the dramatic price spike.

MATIC: +35% according to top rating from VORTECS

MATIC's outstanding performance this month was driven by an increase in the number of active polygon addresses as well as project launches on the polygon network. The asset's VORTECS™ score of 94.2 peaked on October 16 (red circle on the chart) when the asset was trading at $1.56. After the top results, the price of MATIC shares did not immediately rise, because favourable conditions only took effect after almost two weeks. However, the maximum price increase after the record valuation was 35%, with a simultaneous increase in trading volume of 6.68% and an increase in tweets mentioning the asset of 11.08%.

AAVE: +11% after top result

AAVE's highest score was achieved on October 18 when VORTECS showed a score of 90.8. At this point, the DeFi token changes hands for $304. AAVE's ultra-high score is expected to increase for an additional 11 days, culminating in a price of $338, which was listed on October 29. The gains in trading and tweet volume were even more impressive: 488% and 118% respectively.

LINA: +13.4% after top result

LINA had its highest historical outlook on October 11 when the VORTECS™ score hit 90.2 for $0.052. The next phase of the price action saw price jump to $0.059 over a seven-day period, accompanied by a staggering 439% increase in trading volume and a 200% increase in tweets.

VGX: +3.7% after top result

Voyager Token (VGX) shows this month's highest VORTECS™ score (91.9) a bit late from the big jump from $2.11 to $3.05. The asset price continued to hover above $3 over the next four days, driven by a 42.89% increase in trading volume and a 10.19% increase in conversations on Twitter after the outlook was historically up. VGX's momentum eased somewhat in early November, but strong fundamentals could suggest an imminent recovery.

From the previous analysis, we can conclude that seeing tokens achieving a VORTECS™ score of 80 has proven to be an effective strategy for traders to identify various assets with a good chance of performing well in the next few days. Focusing on a few people who score above 90 can better serve Markets Pro members who prefer to work with a higher level of confidence and a longer timeframe.

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