5 Best Blockchain-Based Games You Should Know

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Blockchain-based games are gaining more and more popularity recently. CryptoKitties, for instance, turned out to be quite a sensation. Below is the list of other titles which might be interesting to you!

My Crypto Heroes

The first game on the list is built on the Ethereum platform. A large advantage of the game is the fact that it is possible for you to participate in its adventure with your friends as My Crypto Heroes is a multiplayer type of a game. The players can earn promotions and battle each other online.

What is interesting is the fact that both the characters and items in this virtual world are secured by the ERC-721 tokens. Tokens' value increases as the game progresses. While looking at the statistics in DappRadar, we can see that My Crypto Heroes takes the 2nd position in terms of popularity. The game gathers over 3,000 active users daily.


Altcoin Fantasy

Who said trading cryptocurrencies is not fun? Altcoin Fantasy is one of the simulators allowing the users to immerse into the world of virtual currencies with no risk. Players learn how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies there.

The stimulator offers 15 crypto games enabling the user to test different strategies. When leveling up, users get real cryptographic rewards. Altcoin Fantasy focuses especially on education in the field of trading cryptocurrency assets.



MegaCryptoPolis is another Ethereum-based game, a combination of The Sims and Monopoly. Users are able to buy land, develop their property and compete with other players. Almost all items in the game are supported by cryptocurrency resources. Every 24 hours, depending on the income the player has achieved, the game pays users a small ETH reward. Every 90-365 days, however, thanks to the economic balance algorithm, larger amounts of tokens are being given as prizes.

Even though MegaCryptoPolis has attracted a great number of users, it definitely has drawbacks too which should be mentioned. For example, new players may have a much lower chance of winning a prize than experienced ones. Moreover, the pool of rewards that can be achieved is decreased and, what is the most discouraging, you have to pay for the purchase of a virtual land...



Mythereum, as the name suggests, again uses the Ethereum blockchain. Players in the game collect cards with virtual characters in order to use them later to fight with other users.

Cards, that a player acquires, are ERC-721 tokens. At the beginning, every user receives 30 free cards. The drawback is, however, that buying more cards costs as much as 0.127 ETH.


Bitcoin Flip

The last game on the list is Bitcoin Flip, another simulator. In the game, the user learns to trade cryptocurrencies such as: . The game makes it easier to understand the basics of exchanging virtual currencies, so it combines fun and knowledge.

And, what is more, you don't have to pay for it. It offers real tools and charts as a consequence of which players can test their strategies without any worries. There is one drawback, though - in this case uses do not receive any rewards during the game.