10 best ICO projects in 2019!

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ICO projects are very popular fundraisings in the cryptocurrency environment. Check which projects were the most successful last year!

initial coin offering

ICO (initial coin offering) is raising funds by offering their tokens to investors or individuals in return. The main idea is to raise funds for business activity and its development. There are many industries that try to raise funds this way, making it difficult to identify scams and select the right ICO. In addition, this is a new branch that is not yet fully regulated, so we can deal with scams to a large extent. Even so, the ICO is an increasingly popular way to raise capital mainly due to liquidity and faster and higher returns.


It is a project dealing with credible and reliable autonomous systems. Trias is developing a next-generation public chain to execute native general-purpose applications across all platforms.


The project deals with one of the most attractive and profitable tools that allow investors to buy and sell companies. The platform allows you to make more effective stock transactions using algorithms based on artificial intelligence. Additionally, it is a peer-to-peer decentralized exchange.


It is a project offering blochchain solutions for the logistics industry. Its goal is to transform the logistics industry through open protocols, decentralization and specialized tools. The company has a patent application for its own technology.

BBXC Bluebelt

Bluebelt is a multi-tool for managing exchanges. The project offers cryptocurrency exchanges throughout Asia and enables fast transfers between exchanges. He cooperates with entities such as Bittrex, Bithumb, and Binance. Additionally, Bluebelt has a wallet where you can store various cryptocurrencies and multi-currency accounts for faster transfers and exchanges into FIAT currencies. The project is a licensed trading platform.


It is a security token exchange platform. The project bridges the gap between online and offline transactions. It increases liquidity and reduces the intervention of intermediaries, which will further speed up transactions. Ledgity has an application with a very easy to use and intuitive interface.


The project allows private and business people to run their own blockchain, dApps and ICO with minimal cost and effort. The main goal of the project is to help build your own ecosystem with appropriate security functions.


Another Asian cryptocurrency exchange. However, the project is distinguished by a six-level security layer and very efficient 24/7 customer service. The exchange allows you to trade on many cryptocurrency pairs, is characterized by low fees and the ability to reproduce transactions and history in real time.


The project provides financial services mainly to private individuals and companies. It combines traditional banking, brokerage and financial services on its own platform. It also gives you the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies and allows you to use advanced tools. Thanks to storing history in Blockchain technology, there is no question of any dispute or unexplained disputes between users.


It is an AI based Blockchain platform designed to identify counterfeit products. It is based on machine learning technology. Products that will be identified and verified as counterfeits are blacklisted on the blochchain, thanks to which users can easily find and compare products.


It is an artificial intelligence-based platform for decentralized cloud applications. The project is distinguished by its focus on cooperation with smart cities and their local governments, enterprises, shipping companies, and TV service providers. DeepCloud has a very high level of security.

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